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Purchasing Terms & Conditions

  1. All requirements will be flowed down to your suppliers and their respective sub tiers.
  2. Seller will provide SDS sheets on all hazardous material.
  3. Seller will ensure that the product, when applicable has at least 75% remaining shelf-life.
  4. Seller shall submit a separate invoice for each shipment and shall send original invoice and bill of lading to the issuer's address noted on the purchase order. The invoice and all supporting documents must reference the J&P Khamken Industries, Inc. purchase order number.
  5. When required the supplier must have a quality system (e.g. AS9100 and/or J&P Khamken QMS approval).
  6. Seller's products, processes, and equipment are subject to approval by J&P Khamken. Only approved processing sources may be used in the performance of buyer requirements. J&P Khamken Industries, Inc. reserves right of access per JPKII & 2008 sections 10 and 11.
  7. Acceptance of this purchase order affirms your acceptance, understanding, and compliance with J&P Khamken Industries, Inc. terms and conditions JPKII T&C 2008.
  8. Supplier and/or supplier's subcontractor will retain all inspection records, actual chemical/physical, process certification and/or mechanical test data, as applicable, on file and available for J&P Khamken Industries, Inc. and/or J&P Khamken Industries, Inc. customer review pertaining to items shipped against this purchase order for a period of (10) years unless otherwise specified.
  9. Sellers must notify J&P Khamken Industries, Inc. of any changes in product and/or process definition affecting quality, and where required, obtain J&P Khamken Industries, Inc. approval before proceeding.
  10. Seller must immediately notify J&P Khamken Industries, Inc. of nonconforming product, and obtain approval from J&P Khamken Industries, Inc.  before using any such product. The seller if needed must request material review board action. J&P Khamken Industries, Inc. will provide the form and act on disposition requirements. Seller must notify J&P Khamken Industries, Inc. whenever the quality of any product supplied to J&P Khamken Industries, Inc. is in question.
  11. Seller must notify J&P Khamken Industries, Inc. of suspected product deficiencies caused by defective calibration equipment, fixtures or tooling, even after shipment and acceptance.
  12. Seller must notify J&P Khamken Industries, Inc. of changes to product, process, and change of supplier or manufacturing facility location.
  13. Certificate of conformance required with each shipment.
  14. Product packaging will adequately protect during all phases of transportation and shipment.
  15. All materials must meet the requirements of the Federal Acquisition Regulations unless noted on the PO.