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Laser Marking


With the Rofin SLM-M YAG laser marker, we are able to provide services with laser marking capabilities. Working on a 11.81-inches x 11.81-inches work table, most types of materials are a potential. This is ideal for jobs requiring precise identification or an artistic flare.

YAG vs. CO2 Laser

When considering laser marking for your various projects, it is essential to keep in mind that unlike a CO2 laser, a YAG laser's marking capabilities are only limited to a number of materials. Standard organic products holding properties similiar to those such as wood, rubber, and acrylic cannot be effectively marked by a YAG laser.

With its smaller wavelength, YAG lasers can mark different types of metals and a few plastic materials. When it comes to aluminum alloys, lasers tend to mark in the color of white. Therefore it is best that aluminum alloy surfaces designated for marking have a color anodize on them in order to produce the best results.